Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Day 10: Facts About Me

On the tenth day of Blogmas The Petite Mrs and The Coastie Couple gave to me...

Oh great! I get to talk about myself. Okay...

Fact #1: I hate talking about myself. Well, not really, but my life is pretty boring. Stay-at-home-mom of a special needs 2yr old girl and a gifted 5yr old boy. Not much to say about that. I don't do anything super Pinterest-worthy. I'm just a mom.

Fact #2: I hate selfies! Yep. I don't usually take them. Not by myself or with my kids! There's only a handful of them out there. And this includes just people taking photos of me in general too.

Fact #3: I was a preemie and am now a mom to a preemie! AND we were both born at 28 weeks and were within an ounce of each other!

Fact #4: I love that I can make hot chocolate in the Kuireg now!

Fact #5: I have ALL my Christmas shopping and wrapping DONE! (Save the ONE for Little Man that I want to make sure is READY for him....) I start shopping WAY early, like sometimes in the summer, as I see stuff the kids will like go on sale. A little trick my mom has taught me. The problem with it though is remember all that I got them when it's time for actually shopping!

Fact #6: I enjoy reading, though I don't get enough time to do it.

Fact #7: I enjoy watching TV shows on Netflix. I don't stream. I still use the DVDs. In fact, I OWN the whole series of "Fringe" and it's still unopened because I haven't had time to binge on it. ;(

Fact #8: I live with my mom. Most of the time this is great, except for the weekends the kids aren't home and I just want to binge watch "The X-Files" and she makes me do stuff! Probably better I get stuff like laundry done anyway.

Fact #9: I enjoy writing stories, I just don't do enough of it most of the time. I have attempted NaNoWriMo for like 12 times or something (I don't even know now how many years I have done it) and I have only managed to write 50k in words in the month of November ONCE. That was back over a decade ago. :(

Fact #10: I am working on becoming a better blogger. The 12 Days of Blogmas is helping me.

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Up tomorrow: Day 11: Holiday Photos

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