Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 2: Random Act of Kindness

On the second day of Blogmas The Petite Mrs and The Coastie Couple gave me to me...

Our family usually STARTS our season off by helping serve Thanksgiving Dinner at our church. Our church is only the host facility. It's actually put on by the Salvation Army. But dinner is FREE to ANYONE. This year, the kids got involved and made about 200 crosses. We did stickers, paint, markers, crayons, glitter. All different kinds of things! Then, they laid them out on all the place settings and even put new ones out as tables were cleared.

Other things we have done is donate to Toys for Tots, Angel Tree, and Operation Christmas Child. If you're not familiar with either of these programs, they are really very simple.

Toys for Tots collects new, unwrapped toys and then right around Christmas, they distribute them to children who may not get a lot for Christmas. They aim to give every child 2 toys and a book. I only know this because we have been part of the program for the past two years on the receiving end. For more information here is their website.

The Angel Tree is another gift giving opportunity for the less fortunate. There are usually several versions of it throughout an area. I know our community college does one and our church is hosting one put on by another charitable organization in our local area. But the idea is simple: pick a card off the tree with a child on it. Their age, sizes and a specific wish is on the card. Then fulfill that card and return it to the place where you picked your card from. When we do it, we try to do at least one outfit and a few toys.

Operation Christmas Child is put on by Samaritan's Purse. Basically, you take a shoe box and fill it with little things for a child overseas. They can be healthcare items like toothbrushes, combs, etc. As well as small toys, crayons, books, and other things like that. Drop your box off at a collection point before the last day with the small amount for shipping (usually under $10) and that's it! It's then sent overseas to a child who may have never received anything before. For more information here is their website.

So those are some of the random acts of kindness we have performed in the past.

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Up tomorrow: Day 3: Signs of the Season


  1. Angel Tree sounds most interesting!

    1. We've done it for a long time off and on. It just depends upon what we find. We like to do young kids, because if they're on the tree, they likely won't be getting much for Christmas and every child deserves to get SOMETHING.

  2. These are some great organizations. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! We try to do things every year. Some years work out better than others.

  3. Love those organizations! I also love that you kick of the kindness with Thanksgiving. :)

    1. We're fortunate that our church is already involved! And now that the kids are a little older, they can help out!


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