Tuesday, December 1, 2015

GUEST POST: For Those of You Who Don't See Anything Wrong...by MeMe

This is another Guest Post from MeMe. We are brushing Princess. That may make no sense to some, but for some reason, this little white brush is helping immensely with Princess's issues. Granted, we still have our bad days, but that's okay. This happened on Sunday, October 25.

There are many who have said to us that they don’t see anything ‘wrong’ with Princess.  That she doesn’t seem to have sensory issues at all.  For those that say that, either you aren’t paying attention, or you don’t know what you are looking at, or maybe you just don’t spend enough time with her.  In any event, I am going to describe today’s events, so you can understand.

Today was a pretty typical Sunday.  I got to sleep in, while Becca got up with the dogs.  The kids got up and watched about 30 minutes or so of cartoons – Paw Patrol.  It was then breakfast time and then getting dressed.  Little Man gave us the usual hard time, he’d rather play than get dressed, and Becca brushed Princess and got her dressed.  And then off to Church, which includes a trip through the coffee kiosk and a drive around town, just to get everyone settled and ready, mentally, for church. 

Once at church, I found our seat, while Little Man colored at the back tables, set up for the kids to do such things.  Princess opted to sit with her mother and I, quietly playing with her toys, writing on the program, etc. She was quiet and content.  Once the organ started, she had to sit between us, but again quiet and content.

Children’s time came and the children ran up to the alter, Princess and Little Man included.  Miss Patty talked with them about our event after church, which was a Nifty Nineties Party for those in our congregation who are 90 or older.  Miss Patty had them sit in the front row of pews to watch the slide show of all those who are 90 and over at our church; Princess had to come back and sit with us.  The children were then dismissed to Sunday school and church proceeded.

After church, as I was leaving the Narthex, I could hear the band playing in Charter Hall.  I went into the Education building to collect the kids and Becca and asked if they wanted to go the party.  Yes, was the answer, so we walked over to Charter Hall.  Once inside the building, we made it about 3 steps in when Princess stopped.  It looked like she was mesmerized by the band, but upon watching her, this is what I saw.

Princess went from standing next to her to leaning into her mother.  I asked Becca is she thought it was too much for Princess, at which point she knelt down and talked to Princess, explaining to her about the band, and the music, etc.  Slowly Princess melted into the floor.  Yes, melted into the floor, so that now she was lying in a fetal position on the floor next to her mother.  Becca stood up and said that Princess wanted to stay.  I said ‘okay’ and started over to see our 90’s members.  I turned around about half way across the room, to see Becca and Little Man chasing after Princess, who had left. She just walked out. I caught up with them in time to hear Princess tell her mother ‘carry me, I can’t walk’.  When  I looked at Princess in her mother’s arms, she had tears in her eyes and was on the verge of crying.  We walked to the car – explaining to the other members how it was just ‘too loud’ for Princess.  Thankfully our church family adores Princess and are very in-tune with her needs.  Most could see she was in tears and told her that hoped it got better, or agreed with her, that it was ‘too loud’.

Once home, Princess continued with the ‘carry me, I can’t walk’ to melting into the floor into a fetal position and even saying ‘I can’t get up – help me’.  I suggested her mother go get her changed and brush her.  She did and out walked a totally different little girl.  She quietly played on the couch with her jewelry and toys.  There was no more fetal position, no more tears, no more being paralyzed by a body that didn’t know what to do with the overstimulation of her senses. Brushing had settled her senses and got her back to normal.

I don’t understand how brushing works, nor why.  I just know that it does.  Will Princess have to be brushed forever? NO!  Typically the regime of every 2-6 hours of brushing only lasts 3-4 months and then the child can go to an ‘as needed’ basis.  In the meantime, we are pretty consistent of every 4 hour brushing.  It keeps Princess centered and allows her body to catch up to her senses.  It’s something we will continue and something that she loves. 

For more information on the Brushing Therapy :
Therapeutic Brushing Techniques

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