Friday, December 11, 2015

Day 3: Signs of the Season

On the third day of Blogmas The Petite Mrs and The Coastie Couple gave to me...

Probably the first signs of the season that we get is the fact that my mom wants to decorate the house. We usually do this the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We haven't done our tree yet, as we will be doing that tomorrow. Partly because it takes so long to put up, but also because we want the kids to be involved. But here are some photos of the house decked out for the holidays:

The trees in the kids' rooms. We'll do the big tree tomorrow.
The kids' stockings and the reindeer in the entry way.
Another sign of the season now that the kids are in school are Christmas programs! And wow, how did I end up so lucky as to have BOTH kids have their programs ON THE SAME NIGHT even though they go to DIFFERENT SCHOOLS! Yeah, it was a big confusing thing when I figured this out! But thankfully it went okay. Little Man sang and signed two songs with his class and the first graders. They did "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" (a kindergarten tradition, I think because I did that song when I was in kindergarten) and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." Yes, they learned them in American Sign Language, because it's one of the "specials" his school does!

The kids ready for their performances.
As for Princess, her thing was longer and I "helped." Their singing only lasted for a few songs, which we have practiced and practiced! But then it was a bunch of fun for the whole family! Princess did about what I expected. She stood up and did the songs in the beginning, which had lots of spinning and action, but the songs she didn't really like, she sat down for. She didn't wear her little reindeer antlers and Santa hat mainly because they wouldn't stay on her head, but she was fine with it. Afterwards, we went over and had some cupcakes and then Little Man showed up with his dad so we were able to go over and get a photo of them with Santa. Then I went over and helped the kids wrap presents after they "shopped" in Santa's Workshop. I had to help my mom get Princess in the car so I could finish helping the rest of the kids wrap. I got home shortly after the kids were in bed.

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Up Next on Monday: Day 4: Holiday Quotes


  1. I love the childrens' programs that happen this time of year- it's so sweet! :) Their decorations and little trees are just adorable! Thanks for linking up! Happy Friyay!

  2. We had to go buy my daughter a star for her little tree, so of course it HAD to be PINK! This is the first year we put trees in their rooms.

  3. I love the decorations that are going up in your house. I can't wait to see the final tree!

    1. Check my FB Pam, I just put them in our Winter album.

    2. Check my FB Pam, I just put them in our Winter album.

  4. I love that one of your signs are the Christmas programs! So, so special! <3


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