Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Coming Soon: 12 Days of Blogmas

Coming soon to this blog: The 12 Days of Blogmas! This is put on by The Coastie Couple and The Petite Mrs.. Essentially they are blog prompts for 12 days. They'll be hosting a link-up every day. I'll be sharing my favorite posts over on my Facebook Page and will likely share my favorites here on the blog as well.

Here's the list of Days and Prompts:

Day 1: Holiday Tradition
(December 9, 2015)

Day 2: Random Acts of Kindness
(December 10, 2015)

Day 3: Signs of the Season
(December 11, 2015)

Day 4: Holiday Quotes
(December 14, 2015)

Day 5: Golden Memories
(December 15, 2015)

Day 6: Holiday Movies
(December 16, 2015)

Day 7: Winter Activities
(December 17, 2015)

Day 8: Holiday Food & Drink
(December 18, 2015)

Day 9: Holiday Songs
(December 21, 2015)

Day 10: Facts About Me
(December 22, 2015)

Day 11: Holiday Photos
(December 23, 2015)

Day 12: Holiday Wishes
(December 24, 2015)

As you can see, you get weekends off. If you want to join in, Pam at The Coastie Couple explained it best in this post. Yes, there is a Facebook group, a mailing list, a calendar, and pre-made graphics!

There will likely be old photos in here as well as some new ones! Can't wait to share all of this with you!

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