Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Day 6: Holiday Movies

On the sixth day of Blogmas The Petite Mrs and The Coastie Couple gave to me...

So today's post is about Holiday Movies. First I'm going to talk about the Holiday Movie I don't like, but everyone seems to love:

Yes, "A Christmas Story." I can't stand it! I don't know why. Maybe it's because the story is set in a time that I wasn't alive for. But the whole thing just drives me nuts. Yes, I have seen it. I think there was some guy I was dating at some time who LOVED it and forced me to watch it. I wasn't impressed. I also hate how it's on almost EVERY DAY until Christmas. Okay, maybe not, but it sure seems that way to me!

Okay, now onto my Favorite Holiday Movies. You can probably guess one of them right now...

Yep, "A Charlie Brown Christmas." We watched it the other night on it's 50th anniversary! Awesome Christmas "movie." (Oh, during Linus's monologue where he recites Luke 2:8-14, when he says "Fear not" he drops his blanket! Here watch!)

And last year at church, when we HAD kids, they did this whole story one Sunday. And my son got to be a shepherd when our "Linus" recited the scripture. It was great!

Okay, my other favorite you can probably guess too if you read yesterday's post:

Yep, another one that will be celebrating it's 50th anniversary NEXT year! And before you ask, yes, I have seen the Ron Howard directed version staring Jim Carrey. I love that one too! I love the backstory they give The Grinch and yet they still manage to keep the original story that only ran 30 minutes in animated form.

Those are my two favorites that run on network television. As for my favorite full length feature film, it's this one:

I have the book and the movie now. I used to do this with my third graders when I was  teaching every year right before break where we would read the book, do activities surrounding it and then watch the movie! I love it that you can have the kids in their pajamas, have hot chocolate and they feel like they are part of the movie! I think even when Little Man was at the playschool, they did this where the day before break they brought in a box decorated as a train and watched the movie in their PJs. For some reason, when the reindeer come out and then Santa does, I get all teary. I don't know why. Such a GREAT story!

I know there are lots of newer movies out there. I would LOVE to hear about them. What are your favorites?

Favorites from Day 5's Link Up:
Yesterday was a crazy day for me! I'll catch up on this!

Up tomorrow: Day 7: Winter Activities.


  1. I love all these too. Yet I have not seen the Polar Express. It seems to be a favorite of so many. I need to finally sit down and watch it.

  2. Charlie Brown! Grinch! Polar Express! All ones I love!! I think Christmas Story made everyone's list!


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