Saturday, January 2, 2016

Year End Round Up for Princess

Here is our Year End Round Up for 2015:

Trips to Sac: 6
Trips to YC: 2
Therapy Sessions: 50+ -- Princess receives weekly therapy, plus we added 3 more therapists, 1 though is redundant.
Dr. Appointments:  A LOT!
Specialists Seen: 4 -- We added 1 new one this year.
Ultrasounds: 2, thankfully done the same day!
ER Trips: 1!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!
New Diagnoses:  2
Hospitalizations: 0!!!!!!!!!

Princess graduated from NICU Follow-Up Clinic!
She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

After her next birthday, we will no longer be seeing J, our developmental therapist. We also will no longer be seeing M, the OT through the county special ed department. She will no longer qualify to have her gym class paid for, but we will likely continue it, as it's only $7, we just probably won't be going as frequently. But we will be continuing with the medical based therapy with L, the physical therapist and M, the occupational therapist.

On Monday, she's scheduled for an MRI of her brain. It's to "verify" the CP diagnosis. I'm not sure if we're going to see anything on it or not, but it's more to make sure the insurance doesn't stop her services.

Also coming up in the next few months, the school district and regional center will be assessing her to see if she falls within their range to receive services. It's likely that she won't qualify except for maybe school based OT for the sensory issues, since the medical unit doesn't deal with them. Also coming up, we make the first quarter rounds with all the docs. Some we only see once a year (Dr. M and Dr. R), some we see twice a year (Dr. K and Dr. D), and then we see Dr. H quarterly.

But God continues to watch out for this little girl. At our last PT visit with L, she said that they would like Princess to be seen on their "clinic" days. I'm not entirely sure all that goes on, but I do know that a medical doctor comes in and we meet with her therapy team. It's every other month. Well, it turns out that Dr. D from Shriners is the doctor that comes to the location Princess is being seen at! So it means that we'll be able to get additional therapy, any medical adaptive devices, or other services taken care of much quicker than having to wait to see Dr. D at her bi-annual appointment.

So all in all, 2015 was a good year for Princess. We are two years out of the hospital and hope to stay that way! She's in a preschool that she enjoys and works well for her not only socially and academically, but also with all of her issues. And pretty soon, she'll be 3. It's hard to believe that this little tiny tyke is going to be three years old soon. She's such a warrior.

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  1. I love seeing the miracle progresses children make! They are little fighting machines and it seems your Princess is leading the pack! So happy she has these opportunities

    1. Thanks. I usually do this on her Facebook page every year, and this year I decided to expand it to the blog.

  2. I love seeing the progress she's making! Here's to even more progress in 2016!

    1. Thanks Pam. I sure hope we make some big strides this year.


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