Sunday, January 3, 2016

Goals for January 2015

Since everyone else is posting their New Year's Resolutions, I figured I'd better jump on the bandwagon. Well, not really. These are only my January Goals. The whole New Year's Resolutions never seem to work. It's something like only 4% of people actually make it past January. (Not sure on that statistic or not. Someone can correct me, if they'd like!)

So here are my goals, thanks to Pam at Hodge Podge Moments and her Monthly Intentions, I have this cute little printable.

I actually printed it twice! Once full size and once half-sized. The half-sized one is the first page in my journal.

So here's my January Goals:

Blog at least once a week.
Write Bible verse daily.
Read at least two books.
Redo blog pages bar.
Donate to the church.

So, as you can see, I am going to be working on the blog just a little bit. Not much. I'm hoping to have stuff to blog about at least once a week. And I'm going to be redoing the pages bar at the top. So be on the look out for that!

I'm also doing this really neat Bible Verse writing plan. Essentially, they are short verses of Scripture that you hand write, hence the need for the journal. That, and I restarted the One Year Bible Reading Plan. This year I INTEND to finish! And I pledged a monthly donation to the church, so once I get paid (usually around the beginning of the month), it will be the first check I write (okay, maybe second, as I've got to pay the preschool too).

So those are my goals for this month. I hope I can meet them!

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