Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Six Month Ped Visit and Regional Visit

Monday, the local Regional Center came out and evaluated Princess. I was told that she may qualify for gross motor early intervention, but they're not sure. They'll let me know when they go through the evaluation form.

Yesterday, we did the trip down the hill to town for a pediatrician visit. It started with a stop to drop off a payment. Well, of course, on the way down, there's construction, so it throws off our whole time table! We manage to make it to the cardiologists office by 10:30AM for a blood pressure check. The whole office, save for the receptionist is at the OTHER clinic (I knew this going in) so they had to track someone down to check Princess's blood pressure. Of course, she doesn't want to cooperate and we get NADA! Okay, no prob. So we head off to the pediatrician. Update the address/phone number/kid photo and then get called back.

Princess's current stats:

Weight: 14lbs
Length: 24in

When we meet with the pediatrician, I find out WE ARE ON THE CHART!!!!! Yes, we have finally hit the growth chart! Okay, so if you actually look at her from her 6mo appointment with the cardiologist 2 weeks ago (she's almost 7mo now), she is at the 2nd percentile for length (24in) and the 5th percentile for weight (13.5lbs). Now when you consider Little Man was in the 95th percentile for both length (28in) and weight (21lbs) at 6mo, I wonder how in the world I am saying Princess is heavy!

So, after the pediatrician's office, we went back over to the cardiologist's office because Dr. K had wanted us to do labs. Well, apparently he forgot to put them in! So we opted to just come home instead of waiting because she had finally fallen asleep and was going to need to eat when we got home. So it was a very long morning. Both kids got their flu shots/flu mist. And Princess got a couple others. We'll do the others in a month when we go back for the next flu shot.

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