Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shut-In Saturday Week 1: Haircuts

This is my first series! I figured since Princess is shut-in for the next several months due to RSV season (read more about RSV here), I would do a weekly round-up of photos of Princess and anything else exciting that happens during the week. So these posts will hopefully be picture heavy!

Princess may be shut-in, but the rest of us aren't. As long as someone is watching Princess, things can get done, like going to the store or getting haircuts! Today we went and got Little Man's hair cut. He SO needed it! After we were done, I took him to the playground in the mall so he could play while we waited on MeMe to get her hair cut.

Princess has been playing with toys. She all of a sudden became interested in them! So she's been trying to get her ball into her mouth. It doesn't quite work for her.

She also loves the caterpillar in her bed. There are some nights that when I put her to bed, I hear her playing with it forever before she falls asleep!

She's been doing really well on her tummy time too! She's doing "baby push ups" now and picking her head and chest up off the floor. Before long she's going to be crawling all over the place!

The mornings here have been cold. It's finally fall! So I've been putting socks on her. They don't last long.

This is her official Shut-In Saturday photo for the day: offering all those who love her a hug!

Come back next Saturday for our next Shut-In Saturday photo round-up!

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