Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Medicating My Child

Earlier this month, I posted my Medication Woes. Well, now that we have transitioned to our new pharmacy, I think things will be easier. I love our new pharmacy. For one, they are ONLY a pharmacy and not one of these chain drug stores. So what does this mean? They actually have precise dose syringes! These are the same ones the hospitals use.

When, Princess was first put on medication and we left the hospital, they sent me home with two of these one milliliter syringes. Well, they only last so long before all the markings start wearing off. When I had picked up her medication for the first time, the pharmacist at the drug store only had a 5ml syringe and that wasn't going to be accurate enough for dosing Princess. At one point, (ex)-Hubby brought home these 1ml syringes from the drug store he works for. I hated them. They felt like they had no pressure to them, so I couldn't tell if I was drawing anything into it. So I got some 1ml syringes from Dr. K's office. The only problem with them is that they weren't "for oral use." I worked with what I had.

When Princess was placed on the diuretic for her PHA2, we had to change pharmacies to the same store that (ex)-Hubby works for. I had to renew her prescription every 14 days because it had to compounded and it would fall out of suspension. The last time I filled it there, they put one of these little toppers in it that is made for hospital-grade syringes. The only syringe I had that fit it was either the last one I had left over from the hospital or a 3ml syringe that wouldn't have given me an accurate dosage that the pharmacy had given me.

Before the next refill, we moved up to my mom's and I had to find a compounding pharmacy. The one recommended to me was a pharmacy that was ONLY a pharmacy. Like the previous pharmacy, they put one of those little toppers in, but they had 1ml syringes!

I love our new pharmacy. I don't have to refill the diuretic every 14 days. It's been 3 weeks already and we're still going strong! I hope things get worked out with the doctor's office so that when it gets called in, it's there and I don't have to call around to make sure it's taken care of.

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