Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Themed Homeschool Activities

So for the past week and a half we have been doing Thanksgiving themed activities. In his journal every day we did "playschool" Little Man had to draw and write something he was thankful for. Well, we went through "dump truck" and "digger" and "garbage truck" and "bulldozer" and finally today, I pushed him to pick something that wasn't a toy. You know what he picked? His sister! I love this little guy!

We've gotten these activities from a few different places. I didn't want Little Man to miss out on adding a sight word to his repertoire, so after looking at these two books by This Reading Mama in her Thanksgiving Pack, I decided his word would be "have," as the sight words in the first book ("I See Thanksgiving") were "I," "see," "a," and numbers and the sight words in the second book ("A Thankful Heart") were "I" and "have."

So, being this word is on the primer Dolch word list, I had to do some digging for things to do with it. Thankfully some of my favorite sites had things:

Other reading activities we did were from 3 Dinosaurs. We did a beginning sound worksheet:

And a word family sorting activity:

We also did this great activity with pictures. Little Man had to decipher the picture "code" and write the first letter on the line. They all spelled out CVC words which he could then sound out. The only thing I wish was that she hadn't used "cider" for C. It initially confused him and he tried to say "sat" instead of "cat." But he eventually figured it out.

We also did a missing letter activity. I'm glad this one wasn't just the alphabet like the pumpkin themed one. It really challenged Little Man. There was also a missing number one as well. Again, another challenge for him.

We also did some math activities. One of the easier ones was the finding which one was different.

We then have started on adding (or as the Common Core Standards call it "composing and decomposing numbers"). There are two photos of the same activity. We did it two different ways, and will probably continue to do this one over the course of the next few months. The first way we did it was where Little Man picked two different foods and put how ever many he wanted out on the mat. He then had to put the correct number on the lines. He then counted up all the pictures and put the correct answer on the line.

The second way we did it was I put the numbers on the lines and he had to put the correct number of whatever food he wanted and then add them up. I tried to stick to under 10 until he wanted to do 10 +10. So of course we did that one, just because.

We also did a worksheet that was very similar to what we did.

Pretty much, that was our past two weeks. Our Bible verse was
"Be thankful to Him and bless His name." -- Psalm 100:4b.
So it was appropriate for it being Thanksgiving.

Printables We Used Can Be Found Here:
1 +1 +1 =1
Sight Words Color By Number

3 Dinosaurs
Sight Word Printables
Thanksgiving Pack

This Reading Mama
Thanksgiving Pre-K/K Pack

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