Monday, December 2, 2013

Shut-In Saturday Weeks 8 and 9: Holidays

I would have posted last Saturday but it was a little crazy. I would have posted this on this past Saturday, but my photo program kept crashing! Sorry it's so late!

On the 17th was World Prematurity Day. Princess got to wear her purple! My favorite outfit she has right now. It says "God's Precious Gift," of which she is!

Then we got Little Man's husky hat from his dad's house, so of course Princess had to try it on!

And just so you know, this is how she wakes up from just about every nap or in the morning!

And somehow I managed to catch this gem!

Then of course there was this random look she gave me:

And of course we dress her up for church, even though no one but us get to see her in these pretty clothes!

And this next photo was NOT taken on Halloween. She was wearing the shirt because I'm going to get some use out of it!

She figured out what to do with a spoon:

And of course there was Thanksgiving. This shirt is definitely true for her:

And then her first Thanksgiving Dinner: Gerber's pureed Turkey and Rice and Peaches. The only jarred baby food she gets is meats and every so often one of the very few fruits or veggies she can have. Because of the PHA2, she's on a modified low potassium diet. The baby food companies tend to add potassium to almost EVERYTHING! As a result, I have started making the vast majority of her baby food.

And when she had finished:

And the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we decorated the house for Christmas. My mom has this little tiny Christmas tree. So we put it on the drawers next to Princess's high chair and I put her Beads of Courage on it like garland. I got the idea from another Beads of Courage member family.

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