Monday, December 2, 2013

Milestone Monday: Socks and Sippy Cups

This would have been posted yesterday, but I was still having issues with my photo storage website. I'm hoping it's fixed now!

Welcome to the first Milestone Monday! Princess has been approved for developmental therapy through early intervention and we have written our Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP). So I figured I should keep track of all of these milestones that she's going to be meeting. Some of them may not seem very big to you, but to us, they are a big deal. Something as simple as learning to pull her socks off on her own is cause for celebration!

So this past week, Princess made some pretty big strides!

Yes, she did finally get those socks off her feet!

She also learned to hold her own bottle!

And she held her own sippy cup!

She's rolled over from her back to her tummy a handful of times, and I have yet to be able to catch it. She did it the first time the afternoon after we wrote the IFSP. I think it was because we set it as an outcome we'd like to see her do. She was awake the whole time and she heard everything we said. So I think she went "HA! You just THINK I can't do it!" It was kind of like the day she was born. She went "HA! You just THINK I need this tube to breathe. Let me pull it out and show you!"

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