Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jingle's Antics This Week

Jingle must have gotten back really late, because we found him under the Keurig waiting for coffee to drop into his mouth.

The next night he must have been really hungry, because he wanted a bowl of Kix.

I guess he wanted to play with Little Man's cars. (Little Man didn't like that too much because he played with the wrong dumper.)

Then he made it snow on Little Man. He really liked that one. We still have "snow" in his room that he plays with.

Unfortunately, Little Man moved Jingle when he went to turn off his night light (Jingle had camped out on his nightstand). So I had to look up The Elf Magical Recovery Kit. But before we could repair Jingle's magic, Little Man had a bad day. He was all defiant and crying after his nap. So he got a letter from Jingle saying that he couldn't hang out that day. The next day, he came back with the magic elf dust. (I missed getting a picture of Jingle with his elf dust from Santa, but this is the letter.)

The next morning Jingle got his Elf Certificate of Health. He also must be missing the North Pole because he spelled Little Man's name out in mini marshmallows and stacked up donuts like snowmen. We are back on track!

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