Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow Day

This past weekend, we got:

Yeah, we got about 4-6 inches of snow. I managed to get pictures of Little Man's outside diggers and dumpers covered in snow. And my car.

Then today, I took Little Man out to play in the snow still left in the front yard. It has really started to melt now, but there's still some up near the house where the yard is in shadow from the house. So here he is walking in his own footprints. He had walked out in it back on Sunday and since we didn't get any more, his "paw prints" were still there. (He has been pretending to be various "Clifford Friends" lately. Think "Clifford The Big Red Dog.")

Then he decided to climb the "hill" of where we shoveled the driveway. And he made it to the top.

And then he stomped it!

After a bit, he went and put his hands in the snow. I was trying for a good Chinese Theatre in Hollywood hand print impression, but of course not! He's only 3!

He decided to go walk up the sidewalk near the front of the house and stomp on the snow that had gathered in the cracks.

We then had a snowball fight. Well, it wasn't really a fight. He doesn't get that. But we threw snowballs back and forth. Oh, and we did something I saw on Pinterest. I took a bucket and his watercolors outside. As we were walking out there, he kept telling me, "But we need water for the paint, Mom! It's not going to work without water!" Well, then we painted watercolors on the snow! He thought that was fun!

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