Saturday, November 16, 2013

Shut-In Saturday Week 7: Appointments

Even though Princess is shut-in and can't be around crowds, she still has appointments she has to go to from time to time. This week, we were off to the cardiologist. I finally remembered to take pictures! Probably because he was running behind. I almost expect it now because he sees so many and he literally has them back to back. Not to mention it was the insurance nightmare mess for some. Thank goodness Princess has CCS! So I snapped a couple of pictures while we were waiting for Dr. K.

All was good. We don't have to go see him for another 2 months! This is a VAST improvement because when we started seeing him 4 months ago it was weekly. Sometimes having a diagnosis, even the diagnosis we have, is a good thing.

We also met with J, our developmental specialist. Next week we write our plan for Princess's development. So glad this is something that gets to be done in the home. I know it will help her. It kind of got me thinking about things when I was giving J all our information. It actually got overwhelming. When you sit there and list EVERYTHING that Princess has had happen and all that is going on, it's pretty overwhelming. I guess that's why I don't do it so often and try not to think about it. Sure, thinking about the PHA2 is an almost daily thing, as we have medication because of it. But I don't really think about the milk protein allergy much. Or the eczema and sensitive skin. Every so often I think about the heart condition. But I'm okay with it all.

Okay, enough of that, here's more pictures:

Princess and Pops fell asleep on the couch together. Managed to get that one.

Then there was the picture of Meme and Little Man.

And then, last night, Princess was so sleepy, she fell asleep in the walker. Believe me, after the no sleep day we had on Thursday, she NEEDED the sleep.

We got her Bumbo Tray today. So she got to sit up in her Bumbo and play with toys on the tray! Makes things so much easier.

And then we installed the convertible car seat in Meme's car. Now the infant carrier/car seat can just stay in mine. So of course we had to take it for a test drive to make sure she fit well in it. Princess loved it! She got to sit up more and look around!

And here's one of Princess just sitting up on the table. Just because.

Oh, I hope you noticed the new page at the top. It's our awareness ribbons for Princess. I'm still looking for one for the heart condition. I may not find it. But just as a reminder, tomorrow, November 17, is World Prematurity Day. Wear purple for preemies. By reading this blog, you actually know TWO preemies!

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