Monday, November 4, 2013

Pumpkin/Halloween Themed Homeschool Activities

I've kind of been taking a break from homeschooling for the past two weeks. Mainly because of the Big Chaotic Mess that is happening, but I decided to get back into it this past week with some Pumpkin/Halloween themed activities. Yes, we are a Christian family and I see nothing wrong with my son dressing up and getting candy. We have a Harvest Festival at our church, so we do that instead of trick-or-treating. I wouldn't let him trick-or-treat in the town we live in anyway. There are very few sidewalks here and on my way home after Harvest Festival this year, there were HUGE GROUPS of people walking down the side of the street. It just scares the daylights out of me. We've had so many accidents involving pedestrians and cars that I just feel better taking my kid to a Harvest Festival instead of going door to door.

So we did some things with the pumpkins we got from The Trip to the Pumpkin Farm. Of course we carved a jack o'lantern.

We also did the classic little kid experiment to see if the pumpkin would float or sink.

This was Little Man trying to push the pumpkin into the water.

Of course it floated because even with all the "pumpkin guts", the pumpkin is mostly air.

This is our journal entry about it.

We also did some activities from 3 Dinosaurs. She released a Pumpkin Activities Pack that we just LOVED! It's a shame my printer ran out of ink otherwise I would have printed a LOT more!

This was the roll and cover activity.

This was the missing letters activity.

We also did the pumpkin/jack o'lantern sorting. I let Little Man cut out the pumpkins and then glue them on in the right spot.

We also somehow managed to get a Concepts About Print (CAP) activity done from This Reading Mama. We were supposed to do this activity a few weeks ago when we did letter J, but we just didn't have time that week, so I saved it and we did it this week! It worked great!

As you can see, I focused on pumpkins instead of Halloween. Yes, I do believe my kids need to experience some aspects of Halloween, but I'm not going to focus on the scary parts of it, especially now while they are little. Maybe when they are older, we may have spider webs and scary things in the house, but not now.

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