Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Six Weeks till School

Oh my goodnees! Where has the summer gone?

Okay, well, I knew it was going to go fast, but there's only six weeks left before I have a kindergartner!

With that being said, things started arriving in the mail from the school addressed: "To the parents of:" What?! Already? Okay, I've always gotten stuff addressed as "The the parents of:" for Princess. Usually it's from a hospital or clinic. But now I'm getting stuff for Little Man from his school!

Okay, breathe. This isn't a bad thing. You used to be a teacher, remember?

So I took the stuff from the welcome letter and put it on our bulletin board:

Yes, there is still some summer stuff on there: The Summer Tot-Time schedule and Little Man's Summer Reading Log, but otherwise, it's looking like we have a kid in school! Dental Assessment Form has to go with us to the dentist next week. Free & Reduced Meal Form has to be turned in. I'm probably going to turn them both in at the same time. The school calendar has been on the bulletin board for a while. We've got the school supply list, which we've already got a couple things checked off! And then there's the kindergarten orientation flyer. Kindergarten orientation is more for the kids than the adults. As soon as Little Man is comfortable, I can leave. He'll be there for two hours.

On the back of the orientation flyer was the introduction letter from Mrs. W, Little Man's teacher. It listed her blog and when our conference time was. His school does Personal Learning Plans for all students, so we'll meet with her three times; this first time before school starts. But there probably won't be much too talk about except what I've noticed, as she won't have assessed him yet.

We also got the welcome letter from the principal. It listed the uniform code and where we can go to get the school logo put on Little Man's shirts. It also told when Back to School Night is. And I found out that the first week is half day for kindergarten! Okay, it's only 3 days, and every Friday is half day anyway, but that was good to know.

Thankfully Mrs. W. made a YouTube video on how to do pick up and where the kids get picked up from. It was very helpful! I'm just curious how crazy things get on Fridays with EVERYONE getting out at the same time. It will definitely be a time of practicing patience.

It's still really hard to believe that in six short weeks I'm going to have a kindergartner! Where does the time go.


  1. Awww, what a turning point! I get so excited at the thought of my kids going to school and imagine just how cute they'd be with their supplies in their backpacks.....and then a blink and hug them and pray for time to slow down. :)

    1. Oh I know. I think the school shopping is going to be thing that does me in!


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