Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dental Visit

This past week, we visited the dentist. This was like the 2nd time for Little Man and the first time for Princess. Yes, I know the recommendations are either 6 months old or when their first tooth erupts, depending upon who you talk to. But I just have a real issue with trying to convince a BABY to try and do the whole "open mouth" thing.

Little Man went last year and this year, we had to have the dental check for school. His mouth is like mine: basic. Essentially it means that he may not end up having a whole lot of cavities. (YAY!) But it also means that he may have to experience the dreaded "deep clean" at some point. (BOO!) But not any time soon! Anyway, Little Man's check went great! He has no cavities and the dentist even said that sometime within the next 6 months to a year that the tooth fairy may be visiting! He did note that Little Man had a couple of canker sores. I expected that. We had one down on the bottom of his teeth that he had caused. We know the drill: warm salt water!

Then it was Princess's turn. We did a "knee-to-knee" exam where she sat in my lap then I laid her backwards so the dentist could see in her mouth, albeit upside down. She actually did really well, considering. There wasn't much screaming and no crying, which was good!

We go back in October for Little Man to get his teeth cleaned (they do one thing at a time to build up trust). And we'll see what Princess will allow then!

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