Friday, July 24, 2015

The Day This Happened

So yesterday, of the pages I follow on Facebook, Upworthy, shared this article. Well, I posted my thoughts about everything a while ago. (Read it here. I can't guarantee how well it's written. It was a while ago.) But honestly, this article didn't surprise me in the least! A lot of people don't realize that foster families are on state assistance (welfare). And now, state assistance has a time clock. You're only allowed to collect for so long. Also, they try to HELP YOU get a job. AND if you are supposed to get child support, guess what? You don't get but a portion of it. The money that the person paying the child support sends in goes to pay back your cash assistance! (This is the way it works in my state.) Every month I get a "disregard" check (or checks as the way things have been going) just to say that the kids' father has paid his child support.

The idea of drug testing welfare recipients isn't new. It comes and goes. But now, some states have actually started doing it. Arizona has only found THREE PEOPLE who tested positive. REALLY? This doesn't surprise me. I commented as much on the article.

Well, as of last check (after this screen shot was grabbed), my comment had 2,500+ likes on Facebook. (Facebook quit notifying me of the likes once it reached 1500.) But then I noticed that there were over 200 REPLIES to my comment. I've skimmed them, but not really followed it. It's essentially become a comment war complete with memes! Here are some of the ones that I CAN share. There was a Star Trek: TNG one and a Star Wars one that I loved, but I'm not going to share because they aren't exactly family friendly. Though I do have to say, I LOVE the House snark one!

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  1. Wow. It's amazing what can come from opinions on Facebook. It's also funny how many can't respect the opinions or thoughts of others.


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