Monday, July 13, 2015

Ultrasound Day

Dr. H has been wanting a renal ultrasound on Princess for a while. It's pretty standard. She wants to check for calcium deposits (i.e. kidney stones) since Princess is possibly prone to them. Well, not wanting to subject the poor screaming child to any more issues, I consulted with Dr. K after our last EpicFail! of an appointment with him. He also wanted an echo of Princess's heart. Again, also routine. He's checking to make sure her heart is healing from the damage the hypertension caused. So when I told him about the renal ultrasound, he suggested we come camp at his office and get them both done there! So I let Dr. H know the next time I saw her and came away with orders.

Well, then I had to make the appointment for the ultrasounds! It literally took me 30 minutes to make that appointment! There was some confusion as to whether or not the girl could even schedule the renal ultrasound. Thankfully, Dr. K had already put it in the system. Initially, they didn't want to schedule Princess back to back for the echo and the renal. Apparently, echos "usually" take an hour and renals "usually" take two hours.


I mean, okay, most kids who see Dr. K probably need extensive echos every time. I know her first echo took like FOREVER! And honestly, Dr. K would probably do all the echos himself if he could, but I think he actually trusts his own staff. Hospital staff, maybe not so much. Heck, I'm surprised he doesn't have an app for his phone yet! But then saying that a renal ultrasound is going to take two hours is insane! Her kidneys are the size of walnuts! There's NO WAY it could take two hours!

So after half an hour on the phone, I had the ultrasounds scheduled and a follow up visit to Dr. K scheduled for the next week at his local clinic up here. (His office is about an hour away from where we live.) After I hung up the phone, I felt that I needed to check the appointment we had for Dr. H. It was a good thing I did. It turned out I booked ultrasound day on top of our nephrology clinic day! Can't be at two different specialists in two different towns on the same day! So I was able to move that appointment back a week. It turned out that we would do ultrasound day on Monday and then the following Monday go to Dr. H and the next day go to Dr. K. That worked out!

So that brings us to: ULTRASOUND DAY!

We had to set out early enough to get there by nine. I decided to just keep Princess in her jammies because she would be getting "nakey" when she got there, it didn't make sense to change her clothes.

Waffle in the car on the way.
Once we got there, we waited for a bit and then were finally called back. I'd been prepping her for this by telling her they were going to put lotion on her tummy. Thankfully this kid LOVES putting lotion on. She only freaked out a little bit at first, but then chilled out.

Waiting to be called.
The echo was done in Dr. K's ultrasound room. He's set up for kids. Got the bed against the wall, TV in the corner of the room, kid friendly stuff on the walls. Yep, that was easy. I just hopped up there with her and things were fine. She only got a little annoyed after the tech had to switch to a smaller wand, but we were almost done by that time.

Waiting on the echo to begin.
Then we got moved to the other side of the building to do the renal ultrasound. Yeah, that room is so NOT set up for kids! But we made due with the tablet and she was fine with more "lotion" and just chilling watching "The Chica Show." (Thank God for WiFi!)

Holding Tinky Nee while getting her kidneys checked.
After we finished, she decided she wanted to get dressed in the waiting room and not in the ultrasound room. Gee, thanks kid for making me out to be the weird parent dressing her kid in the waiting room! And then she ONLY wanted to put on her "skinny jeans" and wore her Doc shirt home.

On the way home! We had to get something to drink and she shared it with Tinky Nee!
All told, it took about an hour to do both ultrasounds. Yeah, Dr. K was a little annoyed that they didn't just schedule us to see him after all the goo and scanning, but I was seriously okay with it. After an hour of keeping your two year old busy while they ran slime over her tummy, the last thing either of us wanted to do was see anyone else. We just wanted to go home and hang out, which is what we did!

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