Wednesday, June 24, 2015

First Hair Cuts

When Little Man was about 15 months old, we had to get his hair cut. I had had too many people tell me I had a cute girl. His hair was so long he REALLY needed a haircut. So we took him a friend of the ex-husband's who just so happened be a hair dresser. Little Man had to wear the drape as a cape and he tried to grab the scissors! But when he was done, you could definitely tell he was boy! No more people telling me "What a cute girl you have!"

So now, we come to Princess. Well, she's a girl, so her having long hair isn't an issue. I just put it up. Except her hair is baby thin and drives me nuts! We were advised not to get her first hair cut until she was two. Okay, so she's two now. So we took her to kids hair cutting place. I figured with her, it was probably a better option. (She is 100% two-year-old "No!" on just about ANYTHING!)

She got to sit in "Thomas." (They really didn't have any girly things that she would like anyway.) She liked that! They even put on "Thomas" on the DVD player. (Thanks to Little Man, she likes "Thomas." So she sat there and, surprisingly, did really well! She did NOT like having the drape on her though, but that was okay. I'm not worried about a little hair on her clothes. It's not like we don't have dogs at home.

So now she has bangs and a cute little chin length bob! She looks so cute and loves the fact that she gets to use her "big girl brush" now. And now, instead of the big bows, she's been wearing barrettes in her hair to keep it out of her face. I've also been putting up part of it in a ponytail and putting clips around it. She likes that she gets to pick what goes in her hair.

We've since had to go back and get her bangs trimmed as well as just cleaned up her hair. Yeah, it's kind of expensive to go to the kid cut place, but really not that much more than the places here. And at least she kind of sits still. One day we won't have to go to the kid place.


  1. I'm a big fan of the kid's places because it makes the experience go so much more smoothly!

    1. Oh yes! They're so smart to put the TV on the floor! Then it's just "Look at Fill-in-the-blank" so they can get the back.


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