Sunday, June 21, 2015

Little Man's 5th Birthday

Little Man turned 5 at the end of January. WHAT? Where did the time go?????

So for his birthday we took him (and his sister) to Sacramento. We actually made a weekend of it. We went to Fairytale Town and let the kids run around and play. I was so proud of Little Man. He climbed to the top of this two story slide all by himself! Once he figured out that he could do it the first time, he must have done it about five more times! Princess wanted to play on the train almost the entire time. But they did manage to do the other things there as well.

We also went and did Old Town Sacramento, which Little Man was most impressed with the trains, of course. This was the photo of the train depot.

We stayed in a hotel which is always fun with two kids. But then the next day we went to the Train Museum! Yes, it is Little Man's absolute FAVORITE thing right now. (I think he tries to convince his dad to take him every other month or so as his dad lives about an hour closer than we do.)

We did presents and ice cream when we got back. Little Man doesn't like cake, so we've done ice cream cake and other random things. This year we went with ice cream.

Then he got to open his presents. Not a lot, because it's just us, but enough for him. A new Lego set and a new Chuggington train set.

Hard to believe this Little Man is 5! I cannot believe where the time went!

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