Monday, February 10, 2014

Milestone Monday: Teeth and Spaghetti

So the past month has been kind of rough. After we had our crisis of the stomach flu, Princess cut her first tooth! Actually, I probably should have known she wasn't feeling well because I noticed the tooth had finally popped through the day she got sick and she wasn't fussing about it. But then, right after that first bottom tooth, the one beside it popped through too! So it was like 2 to 3 weeks STRAIGHT of teething pain! And because of her PHA2 and the medication she's on she can ONLY have Tylenol. Glad I got an updated dosage at the pediatrician's when we went in at the beginning of January for her Synagis shot.

One of the other things that may not seem like a milestone to everyone else, but is kind of a big deal to me, is that Princess got to have spaghetti! (I'm working on a post about her dietary restrictions.) One of the things she can't have a lot of is tomatoes. This includes things like ketchup and spaghetti sauce. Well, we managed to find ONE spaghetti sauce that is lower in potassium. And the way we mix it all in with spaghetti noodles, she really doesn't get THAT MUCH sauce. And now that she is really getting good at feeding herself, she got to have spaghetti with us for the first time! Like any other child, she wore most of it. Fortunately, we took her clothes off and let her eat it that way. Then she went STRAIGHT into the bathtub!

Princess is sitting up well by herself. Feeding herself well and we are working on crawling. She may be 10 months old, but we're not really close to the point of crawling yet. Her therapist comes out once a week, and we play. She loves the toys he brings (as does Little Man) and we are trying to find new ways to get her on all fours without her screaming at us. She is generally a happy little girl, but she does have a temper. She's curious and into everything. She sometimes gets frustrated because I think her brain tells her that she needs to get to something, but she just can't figure out how to get there. She'll figure it out soon enough!

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