Monday, February 17, 2014

Milestone Monday: Lady GaGa

Okay, so I was going to post something else for today, but then Thursday happened. Thursdays are our usual weekly therapy days with J. Princess gets a 45 minute session once a week. The first week in February, we didn't get our therapy session because we dragged J to the developmental clinic at the hospital. (There will be a post on that next week.) So Thursday night, we were all having dinner. We had given Princess some bread and she started smacking her lips and thrusting her tongue down in her mouth. It was like she had a piece of bread stuck to the roof of her mouth. So I checked. Nothing. Then, out of nowhere:


Yep, Princess started babbling! Of course she does this AFTER therapy! And since then, every time we sit down to eat or at other random times, she just bursts out into "GaGaDaDa!" And other random baby words. So far, I've heard: "Ma" and "BuBa" and "GaGa" and "DaDa." Of course, they have no real meaning, to us at least. For Princess, it means that she is talking! She's trying to do what we do, which is talk!

She's gotten very good at making her needs known. She has many different vocalizations for different things. And she's very vocal. And now, she's got "words" behind her! Oh boy! What have we done?

(There will be most posts later this week, as we had a very adventurous weekend and are planning on a very adventurous week!)

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