Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I hate immunizations for the kiddos. It just kills me. Today was Princess's second round of 4 month immunizations. Never mind the fact that she is 5 months tomorrow. Why a second round? Well, I've never been really comfortable with the amount of immunizations they give kids at the same time. Little Man's first pediatrician, Dr. C, only believed in giving no more than 3 at a time. When we moved, he had to get his 6 month shots. We didn't have a pediatrician right away, so we went to county health. Poor kid got so many shots!

Now it's Princess's turn. Well, when she had her 2 month shots, she was still in the NICU. She was attached to monitors and had a nurse hovering over her. (This was also a pretty bad day for her in general, as her GI bleeding started that day AND they wound up stopping her feeds.) But now that we are outside the hospital, it just makes me nervous to give her so many immunizations at once. Call me an over-protective preemie mom, but it just scares me. Thankfully, Princess' pediatrician is okay with us doing 2 a week. I guess I'm not too overly cautious, because some parents do one a week! As we were getting ready to leave for the pediatrican's office, I decided to change Princess because she had had the big ole reflux spit-up during her last bottle. So I lay her down, changed her diaper, and go to put on a new shirt and she spits all over that one! So we try again and again it's the same thing! So three shirts later, we are finally out the door! Of course, when we get there, Little Man trips and scrapes his arm. So Princess got passed around to the front office ladies while I cleaned him up. Then, as we're back to get weighed, I realize that Princess has pooped. Oh the humanity! Then, bad mommy that I am, I forgot her shot records! They were in her binder and I had carried them with me to Stanford and everything! But I had taken the binder out yesterday to run to the grocery store. And on top of that, I forgot to get out the binkie before she got stabbed! Poor kid! I am SO making her baby candy for her next round!

Now that we are home, and she's had a good nap, she's starting to fuss that she's in pain. So I gave her some baby Tylenol (she can't have Motrin). Oh that was a new world of mess! I hate syringes now. I think if she needs it later before bed, I'm putting it in the nipple-doser.

I'm SO not looking forward to the 6 month shots. There will be 5 of them, PLUS the flu shot twice, PLUS the RSV shot (wherever she is getting that from!). Poor kid will get stabbed 8 times over the course of a month and THEN have to go back every month for the remainer of the RSV series. She is SO getting baby candy! (So you know, when I talk about baby candy, I'm simply talking about corn syrup and baby water. It's essentially sweet-eaze like they use at the hospital, but homemade. It's not going to hurt her. It's just a few dips on her binkie. It's a hospital trick to help aid with the pain.)

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