Monday, February 1, 2016

January Goals Recap and February Goals

So back at the beginning of the month I mad a goals post. Well, now it's time to recap them, as January is over and make new ones for February.

Here were January's Goals:

So let's go through them:

1. Blog at least once a week. -- Well, I got in 5 posts this month for this blog and 7 posts in my other blog. So I would say I met that one!
2. Write Bible verse daily. -- Total fail on this one! I only managed to do it for the first day.
3. Read at least two books. -- Another failure. Oh well. I'll just have to read more in February!
4. Redo blog pages bar. -- I actually did this over on my other blog. Now to actually figure it out for this one!
5. Donate to the church. -- Yep, did this one!

So all in all, 3 out 5. Not too bad for my first time attempting this whole goal thing. One thing I did start doing that WASN'T on my goal sheet was creating "title graphics" for my blogs. And I've been using those graphics on the Facebook page as well! I really like them and I'm glad I saw Pam at Hodge Podge Moments do so it gave me the idea!

Now onto February!

Define it
1. Daily Bible reading. -- This will be starting at Lent (10th)
2. Weekly blogging. -- Minimum of 4 posts on BOTH blogs!
3. Daily cleaning routines. -- Described below with photo.
4. Daily journaling.
1. Read two books or more.

So here's my goals for the month:
1. Blog weekly on both blogs, or a minimum of 4 posts for the month.
2. Make sure I put posts on Instagram and Facebook pages.
3. Figure out a drop down menu thing for this blog.
1. Read the Bible daily starting on Ash Wednesday. (Note: Must find Lenten Bible reading plan.)
2. Post #RethinkChurch #Lent2016 Photo a Day challenge on Instagram.
3. Journal daily.
4. Read two books, or more, as I'm behind already.
5. Get homeschool materials together for Princess.
6. Daily cleaning routines.

I promised a little more about that one. So here is what I'm doing:


I found this great calendar on Drops of Learning. It's the Motivated Moms Chore Planner. But it costs. (Yes, I know it's only $8.) I'm all about the freebie! I HATE spending money on things that aren't "necessity." So I created the above weekly planner page. That one is for this week. It's based off of the Fly Lady Method. So I left spots for the daily "zone missions" and put in the "weekly home blessing hour" items and even some "deep cleaning" items. Along with the daily tasks are basically the "baby step" routines.

Oh, and yes, I know Princess is IN preschool, but she does so well with directed tasks, that we're going to supplement at home too!

So those are my goals for the month and the recap as well.

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