Sunday, February 7, 2016

Therapy Meeting and Assessment

Princess had to miss a day of preschool because we had to go to "clinic." Okay, so what "clinic" is is essentially a therapy meeting with a doc. Because she is with the Medical Therapy Unit (MTU) through our insurance, this is the time when all the therapists get together and discuss the progress being made.

So, we wind up being the FIRST one for the day! Yay! We attempted to get Princess on the scale. It was a no go. I'm not sure why she is terrified of scales right now, but whatever. Thankfully I don't think we've grown a whole lot lately. We're somewhere around 25lbs or so. We go over our info (they somehow had my home and cell number backwards) and then get ushered into a room with a circle of chairs and a temporary medical bed set up.

In comes our therapists: L (PT) and M (OT), as well as a nurse case manager (not ours) and Dr. D. Yes, Dr. D, our doc at Shriners! It's so good that he does this. So, we talk. He says that we're going to continue to wait to see about bracing. I'm fine with this because it seems to be correcting on it's own. I tell him about the pain issues that Princess has been having. He's not sure what to make of it. He says she's not that spastic, so she really shouldn't be having pain. He seems to think it may be a potassium issue. (I don't think so, as her labs have all be great, though I will mention it to Dr. H when we see her in April.) He managed to check her range of motion on her legs without her even realizing it! I love this man! He knows just enough about kiddie shows to be dangerous to little kids! Talking about the different Paw Patrol characters and stuff. It was GREAT! I then give him the radiologist's report of Princess's MRI. He hadn't seen it yet, but it was as was expected. We're not going to look further for anything, but know that she does have some minor CP. He agrees to the recommendations of twice a month OT (so hopefully Princess will learn to dress/undress herself) and every other month PT (to make sure we're not missing anything as she continues to grow). And after 30 minutes, we are done! We don't have to go back to that "clinic" for 6 months. We'll still see Dr. D in March at Shriners.

Then, once we get home, a little while later, A from the Parent Infant Program of the Regional Center shows up. She's there to assess Princess. I agreed to this to not only get more information to pass on to the school district, but also to see if she was going to qualify for services through the Regional Center. The assessment they used was the same one the NICU clinic used. It was actually quite interesting to see how far Princess has come in six months since the last time they administered the assessment. She totally rocked it! In fact, according to her our rep at the Regional Center, she scored well above where she should be as a nearly 3 year old! YAY! Not that I had any doubt. She's going to be just like her brother in that department.

Then because she missed school on Tuesday, we went ahead and sent her on Wednesday. AND this way, her developmental therapist, J could come see her at school. Because he was a man, and we usually don't have men working in the preschool, the kids totally clustered around him! This of course freaked Princess out and she totally needed a time out once we got to the playroom. But I needed J to see these things so that in his report to the school district, it's noted that she DOES have some issues that would be best addressed by school-based OT. (The OT through the MTU doesn't deal with sensory issues.)

Finally got a picture of them together!
Sadly, after these two crazy days, Princess caught her brother's cold. But snuggling on Friday and running the humidifier at night and I think she kicked it fairly quickly. Now we get about six weeks of just normal routine before we break out the rounds of seeing all the docs!

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  1. Thank you for always sharing your experiences! I think you're doing great things to get your daughter more help for her school days. :)

  2. Yay for a routine and good news from the doctors! It's always great to see a team working hard for a child!


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