Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Preschool and the Dentist

Today at preschool, Princess did okay. She didn't want me to leave though. Every time I tried just to sneak out of the room, she would run down the hallway after me! Most of the kiddos didn't really want snack today. Princess actually took a few bites of rice cake! I can't seem to introduce new foods at home because of Little Man and his picky eating habits. Every time I try, he says something and Princess echos it.

Then with painting today, the kiddos got to paint with various (plastic) fruits and veggies. Princess wasn't having it because someone had already painted with them and then she would get paint on her hands. I don't quite understand this. She doesn't have a problem with all the handprints we've done. She lets just about anyone, well, mostly me, paint her hands and then she'll put them on the paper. But today, she didn't want to touch the food that had paint on it. So pretty much I painted her circle.

We also had Mr. Potato Head out, so of course "Tinky Nee" had to wear the glasses.

They also made plates with their favorite breakfast on it. Sadly, there wasn't any waffles for Princess, so she had to use pancakes. And then of course she had to play with the magnifying glasses! While she was playing, I poked my head into the store room and found that they needed more letters cut, so I snagged those to do at home. Finally, we were in the playroom. I tried to duck out again, but Princess wouldn't let me. Oh well. Maybe next week.

This afternoon, Little Man had his first field trip with his class. Their service project this year is that they are going to be cleaning up trash in the parks around town. So they walked down to one of the parks today, picking up trash along the way. I then met him there at the park so we could go to the dentist! Surprisingly, BOTH kiddos did GREAT! Little Man showed off his recently lost tooth. Yes, he did lose his first tooth! The Tooth Fairy visited last week and left him two golden dollars! Then he got his teeth cleaned and a fluoride treatment. Then it was Princess's turn. She actually let the girl brush her teeth (with a pink tooth brush!) and even let her put fluoride on them! But probably because the tray was pink.

So that was our day. Came home from the dentist, did homework, and then the kiddos went off with their dad for dinner. Soon it will be time to get into jammies, have desert, and go to bed. Here's hoping that goes easily tonight.

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