Monday, October 5, 2015

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

Lately, Princess has been having a difficult time when we go to the grocery store. It's not anything I think I can totally change. She is VERY resistant to change at times. This goes from the sheets on her bed, to the coloring books she has, to obviously going to the grocery store.

How can going to the grocery store be difficult you ask?

Yes, we've tried the little carts before. They only last so long and I still have to help steer.
Well, now that Little Man is in school, we go on Mondays. (It's also our only free morning at the moment!) Well, because there are some things we get almost every time we go to the store, Princess pretty much will tell me what we need to get. If I don't get what she thinks we need, she will have a meltdown for about six aisles. Sure, if it was because she wanted something like candy or cookies, I'd be okay with it. But this over things like milk!

So sometimes, in order to avoid a meltdown (and the pity looks from the grandmas and other moms), I will get the things that she asks. This usually pertains to things that aren't going to go bad right away. Then we just have a "special" on it at home. This is the list of things she has thrown a fit over and I've had to buy:

  • milk (it HAS to be a gallon and have the pink lid now)
  • Cheetos (she can't have potato chips)
  • bologna (she calls it "big taco baloney")
  • sugar
  • waffles
Then today, we had a fit over chocolate sauce. So you know, her fits include screaming and crying at me and pushing or pulling me or the cart in whatever what she thinks it should go. So what was the deal with the chocolate sauce? Well, we were out last night, so I didn't have to make her "chocolate milk" at bedtime. So today, we needed to get some. Well, she got to pick which brand we got: Hershey's or the store brand. She picked Hershey's. Then she wanted to sit in the cart so she could hold it. About an aisle away, she realized it was closed. She wanted it open. And she wanted the "squeezy" kind. No matter how much I tried to tell her that that was the "squeezy" kind, she didn't believe me. She wanted out of the cart and then actually PULLED the cart out of the aisle we were starting down so we could to back to where we had found the chocolate sauce. We finally got back there and I showed them to her. She picked the Hershey's again and I told her that I wasn't opening it until we got home because then it would spill all over her and we needed to go get "pink sugar." Thankfully, she came with me and by the time we got BACK to the sugar aisle, the fit was over.

This week, we didn't have to buy anything extra, thankfully. And the chocolate sauce was the only fit. Now if only they would've let me get out of there without eggs. (They were out of the type I can buy with WIC, so I was hoping, but instead, I had to get JUMBO eggs. Oh well.)

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