Thursday, July 17, 2014

Daily Calendar Notebook

I loved the idea of calendar notebooks for the classroom when I found out about them last year on Pinterest. Well, I'm not looking to keep 30 students on task during calendar time, I'm working with just one, so I did a little researching. On Confessions of a Homeschooler's Calendar Printables, I found a preschool version! I printed out what I wanted (her version has lots of pages to it!) and put parts of it in sheet protectors. As long as you get the glossy sheet protectors, the kids can use a dry erase marker on them and reuse the pages in them frequently.

I took these photos back in November! I just haven't written this up until now!

We have the following pages:

The daily pages where Little Man traces the day of the week, colors in the number of the date, writes that number and then, if the number is below 20, he writes the word too. I'm looking at using the Elementary ones of these pages as he gets a little better at his writing. So as a result, right now we don't do these pages. We've actually have an Elementary page in there and sometimes he'll write the days up at the top. (He gets about 3-4 letters) and he'll do a few other things on it too. And come fall, he will be doing the Elementary page instead of the preschool page.

There has also been a days of the week page and months of the year page. But this is something Little Man already knows and therefore we don't do this anymore. It will be coming out of the binder this fall. I also created a "Number of the Day" page, but now that I think he understands most of the concepts on there, we may or may not do it any more. I may keep it in there for review though.

Behind that is the blank 100 chart:

He colors in a box and then he goes and adds a craft stick to our place value cups.

I got our cards and labels hereRoyal Baloo has a ton of great stuff in the whole pack as well! We have added the States and therefore also have a blank US map that he colors in the state of the day.  Here's how we do our place value cups. When we get to 10 sticks in the ones, I rubber band them together and put the whole bundle in the tens cup. As we get more tens, Little Man counts by tens and then ones as we add more ones. This is a great addition to it and prepares them for kindergarten! This also goes along with our "Days in School" chart on our Calendar Board.

After we do the place value, Little Man would almost always counts the boxes on his hundred chart to make sure they match what we just did. 

Then there are 2 pages of where he can write his name every month. We do this at the end of the month as he has to write his name at least once every day.

After that are the calendar pages. He has to trace the date and any days we miss every day. I believe come fall these will get more difficult as he will have to write the number in himself instead of trace it.

Behind that is our weather graph. Every month we do a different pattern.

I also added numbers of 1 to 20 for him to trace. I'm not so worried about number recognition as I am about his writing the numbers and the number words. He doesn't do this anymore. These will come out come fall.

I'll be sure to post an updated version of our Calendar Notebook when I get it together this fall!

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