Thursday, January 2, 2014

Getting Blood Out

Having a child who gets labs done about once a quarter and shots every month right now, it was inevitable. Princess bled all over her clothes during her latest Synagis vaccination. Okay, so I wasn't worried. We'd done the whole blood on the clothes before. When she was in the NICU, one of her little outfits got blood on it when they were doing a heel stick. I had used OxyClean spray. It had taken about two or three washes before it came out. I figured I would use that this time.

But upon getting home, I decided I should look it up. After a quick Google search, I had a plan of attack. This is NOT new, but I created an image for all you Pinners out there, in case you wanted to Pin it!

After getting Princess out of her clothes, this is what I did:

  1. I ran the area that had the blood on it under COLD water. ONLY use COLD water, never hot.
  2. I then poured some hydrogen peroxide in a bowl and soaked the area for about 15 minutes. It immediately started fizzing.
  3. I then put the article of clothing in the wash with a load of Princess's clothes. I sprayed the area with OxyClean spray, but honestly, it didn't need it. I washed her clothes in COLD water wither her normal detergent.
  4. Finally, I put the load in the dryer and dried it on LOW, just in case there was still some blood left in it. When I came back to get them, there was not a speck of blood on it!
Okay, I'll be honest, I wasn't sure the hydrogen peroxide was going to work. I feared that it would bleach some of the color out of her clothes. It didn't do that at all. Now, Princess has to have her clothes washed separately because of her sensitive skin, but you could do it with any load that you're willing to wash in cold water. I'm sure had I consulted any of my special needs groups, they would have suggested something along these lines. I also saw shampoo and vinegar. But I liked the hydrogen peroxide idea.

So there you go. How to get blood out of clothes.

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