Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Poor Blog!

This poor blog has been forgotten! I guess that's because I started a Facebook Page for Princess! Now I've been micro-blogging her adventures! Granted, it has come in handy because we had a trip the ER about a month ago for another tummy bug! But otherwise, I have sadly forgotten this wonderful blog! I've done a bit of updating. Made us a new cover. Changed the colors. May do some more tweaking here and there. Here's a list of things I plan to tell you about:

  • NICU follow-up Clinic (November)
  • Cardiology (November)
  • Nephrology (December)
  • Doc-phobia and overcoming it
  • Enrolling Little Man in Kindergarten (What????)
  • Little Man's 5th Birthday
And coming up next week, we make the huge 2 hour trip. But not to go to the nephrologist! Instead we are going next door to Shriners! Short version: Princess has one bowed leg. NICU clinic and a PT eval BOTH recommended she be seen at Shriners about it. So next week, we are off to there! I'm hoping to get some blog updating going here really soon! Otherwise, if you wanna follow Princess, here is her Facebook Page. Like I said, I do micro-blog there! So you may get some quick updates every now and then and longer things here. At least that's my hope!

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