Monday, September 8, 2014

Milestone Monday: Blocks, Walking and Big Girl

So first up is that Princess has figured out how to stack her blocks. The most she has ever stacked is 5, but those tend to fall right away. She usually manages about 3-4 blocks before they fall over.

Next up is that Princess is WALKING!!!!! She's been cruising since she was about 15 months old and started taking like 2-3 steps on her own at about 16 months. Then about two weeks later, she started getting brave and taking more steps on her own! It was decided that if we put her in shoes, it should help her toe dragging. Well, the problem was putting her in shoes! She HATED them! Then we went to the zoo for Labor Day. We put her shoes on her and she found out that she can WALK by holding someone's hand and she can go where SHE wants to. So now, she has been very good about putting shoes on when we go out. She LOVES her shoes now. And we even got her a pair of Mary Janes and she LOVES her "pretty shoes." She now will get up and walk all over the house. She's walked from one side to the other by herself!

Then, on Saturday, Princess didn't want to eat lunch. So MeMe suggested that she sit at the playschool table. So we tried it.

Later that day, MeMe and Pops went out and found Princess a toddler bed. It was a Minnie Mouse one but we decided not to put the Minnie Mouse stickers on it. Pops had to put it together and of course Princess had to help.

Once we got her "big girl" bed together, she had to sit on it. She got a pillow, a Doc McStuffins pillow case, a Doc McStuffins doll (that is about as big as she is!), a butterfly blankie, and a new butterfly sheet for her bed.

Later that night, we started a new routine: bath (if needed), jammies, story, bottle, and then bed. So far she has spent the past 2 nights in her bed. Of course, she doesn't want to sleep on the pillow and instead sleeps at the foot of the bed, so she has fallen out a lot. We're going to put pillows down tonight. Last night, we put a baby gate up at the door because the night before, the dogs kept coming in to sniff at her. Hopefully by her IFSP, she'll be sleeping in her "big girl" bed by herself and not falling out of it.

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