Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Alphabet Journal

After a year, we have FINALLY finished our Alphabet Journal! So I figured I would share it with you! It was just a composition book. Little Man picked blue and he wanted to decorate it with digger stickers.

We started each week with the letter in construction paper.

In the beginning, we would do something that started with the letter for our next page. Stickers. Glue. Cutting practice were all incorporated.

Sometimes we did science in our journal too! This was before we started our Science Journal.

Apple Science for A week.

A really neat experiment with an egg in a little plastic bowl about the brain and the skull. We'll probably do this one again later!

Little Man LOVED all things vehicles, so I was SO lucky that I found Royal Baloo's Zoomin' Moving Alphabet! We did a lot of things from her packets in the beginning. But towards the end, we only did a few things: dotting the letter and gluing whatever the vehicle was onto the letter. I always cut out the letter and glued it into the Alphabet Journal. In the beginning I didn't have a color printer, but towards the end, I did.

In the beginning, we did a number every week too! I found this great number book that I would cut the number out and he would put the correct number of dot stickers on it. We only did number 1-9, even though there was a number 10.

We also did a memory verse every week. I got these from Totally Tots. And we did a page from Homeschool Creations Preschool Alphabet Pages. She has A LOT of great stuff on this page, but we just did the alphabet cut and paste pages. I would cut the letter out and glue it into the journal and then Little Man would glue all the pictures around it.

At first I didn't have a color printer.

We also used the journal to just draw and write in. And even did a "I'm Thankful For" thing each day the week of Thanksgiving.

At first Little Man would draw and I would label.

Then he would label. "DIGR" (Digger)

"I'm Thankful For..." DUMP TRUK. All his days were like this until the last one.

"BABE" (baby). He was thankful for his baby sister!

I had Little Man draw a picture of himself towards the beginning of our "school year" and when we finished our Alphabet Journal.

Little Man's self portrait in October 2013.

Little Man's self portrait in July 2014. And yes, he did write his name at the bottom!

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